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2017-Feb-17 13:08 - Badpuppy: Mirek Madl

Eager to show off for the camera Mirek Madl showed up to give us a little show and get a rubdown from our masseur. As we fade in on Mirek, we find him kneeling on the sofa, lifting up his shirt and showing us his treasure trail. Using his hands he caresses his stomach and chest before pulling his shirt over his head revealing a lean and taunt chest. Laying back on the sofa, Mirek???‚¬?„?s hands begin working lower, sliding in and out of his pants as he slowly undoes the button and fly. The masseur walks in and helps Mirek out of his pants. Pulling them down reveals Mirek???‚¬?„?s thick cock already at attention. The masseur spins Mirek around on the sofa, pulls his legs back and using the finger of one hand he slowly starts working Mirek???‚¬?„?s asshole and with the other hand he begins jerking Mirek???‚¬?„?s cock. The masseur turns Mirek around on the sofa and has him kneel again with his furry ass pointed right at the camera. Applying some lube to Mirek???‚¬?„?s ass, the masseur begins working it into Mirek???‚¬?„?s tight ass muscles. The masseur has Mirek stand in front of him and he begins massaging Mireks neck and back while Mirek grabs his own cock and begins massaging it. As he massages it, his cock get harder and more excited and with a few long strokes Mirek squirts a thick juicy load of jizz all over the floor.

2017-Jan-22 13:11 - Badpuppy Live Tour

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2016-Dec-23 12:36 - Badpuppy: Sunny and Rex
2016-Nov-18 12:00 - Badpuppy: Lubos Zeman

2016-Oct-21 12:43 - Badpuppy: Armond and Rizzo

25 year old Armond Rizzo met up with 30 year old Rikk York to go over what needed to be fixed on his motorcycle; but, the shock came to Armond when Rikk told him that it was going to be quite a bit more expensive than he first thought. Armond tells Rikk that he just does not have the money right now; but, need the bike fixed and Rikk comes up with another suggestion. With a focus in his eyes, Rikk walks over and give Armond a big, wet kiss on the lips. Armond quickly gets the picture and as Rikk?€™s pants drop to the floor, Armond, in turn, drops to the floor and swallows Rikk?€™ already thick and manly cock. Rikk motions for Armond to stand and motions him to bend over his bike which Armond does willingly. Rikk pulls down Armond?€™s pants and as he kneels down he buries his face in Armond?€™s ass digging his tongue deep into Armond?€™s hole. Switching to using his hand Rikk takes two fingers and starts to give Armond a little ass-fucking loosening him up for his cock. Rikk stands behind Armond and with one steady thrust he buries his cock deep inside Armond and after a moment for Armond to settle into its size Rikk begins fucking harder and harder. Rikk finds three different ways to fuck Armond on top of the motorcycle when Armond finally screams out that he cannot take it anymore and he needs to cum. So, with Rikk?€™s cock still fucking the crap out of him, Armond take his cock in hands and the creams starts oozing out even before his jerks his cock. Rikk pulls out of Armond, grabs his cock and shoots a thick load of jizz all over Armond?€™s stomach, cock and balls. Rikk says to Armond, ?€?I believe this will settle your bill?€?.

2016-Sep-23 11:55 - Milos and Petr

Milos Ovcacek had watched Petr Plodner from afar for a long time and when the opportunity arose for these two studs to hook up Milos was all over it. Our video starts with the Milos and Petr standing in a doorway shirtless and kissing. Petr begins passionately kissing Milos?€™ chest and nipples, working his way down the hairy treasure trail leading to Milos?€™ zipper. Petr unzips Milos?€™ pants and his already thick and stimulated cock plops out for Petr to swallow; which he does quite intently. Petr services Milos?€™ cock for a few moments before turning Milos around so he could shove his tongue deep into Milo?€™s asshole. After enjoying some good ass eating Milos switches things up on Petr and this time he turns Petr around to lean against the door. Dropping to his knees Milos undoes Petr?€™s pants and as they fall to the floor, Milos falls onto Petr?€™s cock and deep-throats it until it almost chokes him. Completely turned on Milos and Petr head to the sofa where Milos kneels down and Petr drives his cock deep into Milo?€™s ass before fucking him like a bunny rabbit. Going from getting his ass fucked while face down, Milos switches things up and jumps on top of Petr cock and starts riding it like he is a horse rider in the saddle; bouncing up and down. Ready to lay back for a few, Milos lies down on the sofa and Petr slides his cock back into Milos?€™ waiting hold where he begins pounding again. As Petr continues to pound, Milos takes his cock in hand and while feverishly jerking it he sprays jizz all over his chiseled six-pack tummy. When he finishes, Petr pulls his cock out of Milos?€™ ass and squirts a thick load all over Milos?€™ balls and cock. Completely exhausted our two studs kiss a little before they head off to the showers to clean up.
2016-Aug-19 11:39 - Badpuppy: Kurtis and Bray

New comer 23 year old Bray Muse is fixing breakfast in bed for 27 year old Kurtis Wolfe when Kurtis surprises Bray by walking up behind him. With a good morning kiss the cooking breakfast is forgotten and our two hot studs start having each other for breakfast. After some intense kissing Bray drops to his knees and immediately notices the rather large bulge in Kurtis?€™ shorts. Pulling down Kurtis?€™ shorts, Bray swallows the entire length of Kurtis?€™ cock down his throat; so much that he gags on it. Kurtis grabs the back of Bray?€™s hair and the face fucking begins. Standing up Bray slips off his jock strap, turns around and props one knee up on the countertop. Kurtis makes a beeline for Bray?€™s sweet asshole and begins a tongue fucking that would make any of us a little jealous. Priming Bray?€™s ass with his spit and fingers, Kurtis stands up behind Bray and with a slow even push he buries his entire cock deep inside Brays eager ass. Kurtis grabs onto Brays hair again and begins fucking Bray like there is no tomorrow. Kurtis fucks Bray on the countertop and then sits down on the floor where Bray mounts him and begins riding Kurtis like a cowboy rides a horse. Kurtis picks Bray up off the floor, lays him on the counter top, slides his cock into Brays ass again and starts fucking him just as hard as ever. Bray grabs is cock and jerking it while getting fucked he blows and incredible load all over his stomach. Ready to get his nut, Kurtis pulls out, jumps onto the counter and squirts a thick, juicy load of cum all over Brays face and lips.
2016-Jul-22 11:23 - Badpuppy - Yaro Vykvet - Helping Hand

21 year old Yaro Vykvet has never had intimate relations with another guy; but, he has always wanted to perform in front of a camera and the opportunity to do that and get a massage at the same time was very appealing. After a brief interview, Yaro lies back on the bed and begins loosening his shirt. While he is waiting on our masseur Yaro slowly caresses his own chest. Just has Yaro finishes unbuttoning his shirt the masseur creeps in beside him. As he kneels on the bed he pops the top on the massage oil, applies a little to the palms of his hands and gently starts rubbing it into Yaro?€™s toned chest. The masseur?€™s hands expertly slide underneath Yaro?€™s jeans and Yaro moans with pleasure at the touch and the masseur slowly undoes the top of the jeans and slides them down. Yaro?€™s cock is definitely interested as it starts to grow as he lets the very first man ever jack his cock. Pulling his legs back, Yaro exposes his sweet, hairy asshole and our masseur expertly fills that hole with first; some massage oil, and then with his fingers; which, oddly enough seem to go in quite easily into Yaro?€™s virgin ass. Our masseur has Yaro roll over and kneel onto his knees putting his ass in the air. Once more the masseur?€™s fingers begin expertly massaging this inside of Yaro?€™s ass while his other hand is jerking Yaro?€™s cock. As the intensity of the finger fucking and hand jacking continues Yaro squirts out a thick, juicy load of man jizz all over the bed. With a look of exhausted pleasure Yaro rolls over on the bed before he heads off to clean up in the showers.

2016-Jun-17 19:34 - Badpuppy - Casper Wats and Tom Hawai


Casper wakes to ?? morning wood and Tom peers over the landing to observe Casper stroking his cock, completely unaware that Tom is watching. Tom, obviously aroused, begins stroking his cock to a very short release of hot cum over the edge of the landing to the floor below. Casper gets very turned on by this and motions Tom to come down and get it on! Tom starts by face fucking Casper and then Tom goes down on his knees to service Caspers thick, uncut cock until Casper shoots a thick creamy load all over Tom. Not to be outdone; Tom shoots another load and does not touch himself. Obviously not yet satisfied, Tom leans over the sofa giving Casper complete access to his ass for a tongue licking. Both studs primed and ready, Casper shoves his large and thick cock up Toms ass fucking him hard and deep. Lying down on the sofa Casper and Tom switch roles. Tom fucks Casper mercilessly until Casper does a hands free shoot of hot cum. Tom pulls out to shoot a final, hot load all over Caspers balls. Hmmmmmmm ? Was this just a wet dream?

2016-May-20 19:19 - Badpuppy - Roger, Michael, and Ted


Finished with a morning of construction work our three studs want a little play time before the afternoon work schedule starts. Michael and Ted climb up the ladder and Roger begins servicing their hot cocks thru the rungs in the ladder. Ted is overcome with excitement and immediately blows a load of thick creamy goodness all over Roger. This turns Michael on and he immediately begins squirting his jizz while Roger licks the shaft of his cock. Climbing down the ladder Michael and Ted begin servicing Rogers thick and stimulated cock. Together, they both go at his cock until Roger cums all over the floor. Michael and Ted voraciously lick Rogers cock until all of the juice has dripped out. Very excited again, Ted blows yet another load all over the floor. Moving back to the ladder Michael places his ass just where Roger can get to his hot hole where he begins chowing down on Michaels hungry ass as Michael continues to suck Ted??s very hard cock. Primed and ready, Roger shoves his cock up Michaels ass and pounds him for a few minutes. Ted, wanting some of Rogers cock up his hole, switches position with Michael where Ted services his cock while Roger pounds away at his man-hole. Michael surprises us again with another cum shot just as he takes his cock out of Ted??s mouth. Very excited, Ted shoots his jizz without even touching his cock and then Roger blows a load all over Ted??s backside. This has to be one of the hotter three ways weve had in a while and I know that you will enjoy it.

2016-May-20 13:16 - Badpuppy: Bradley And Rosta

Shirtless Bradley Cook is lying on the bed massaging his own chest when Rosta Benecky sneaks into the room. At first Bradley does not see Rosta and he reaches into his pants, pulls out his already thick and long cock and begins jacking it. As Rosta eases up onto the bed he begins kissing Bradleys chest and rock hard stomach; slowly working his way down to Bradleys cock. Rosta sucks Bradleys dick into his mouth and starts working it with his tongue causing it to get even harder. Unbeknownst to us Rosta is definitely a foot man as he at first kisses and caresses Bradleys feet; but, then pulls out his cock and rubs it all over Bradleys feet. Rosta crawls up beside Bradley for some more kissing and mutual masturbation before Rosta bends over in front of Bradley so that Bradley could bury his thick cock right up Rostas ass. These two studs fuck in three different positions before Rosta; whos now laying on his back shoots his load on his stomach and the bed as Bradley continues to fuck his tight ass. Bradley pulls out and jerks his load of hot jizz all over Rostas balls and cock before both of them head off for the showers.

2016-Apr-15 19:14 - Badpuppy - Michal Kozub


32 year old straight and furry muscle guy Michal has never had sex with a guy; but, has always wanted to take his clothes off and masturbate in front of the camera. After a brief interview, Michal stands up and while showing off his body he slowly strips naked. All the while Michal is rubbing his hot, chiseled chest he pulls down his red underwear showing off a thick, uncut cock surrounded by man-fur that is usually shaved off of other guys. Michal sits down on the sofa, pulls his legs back showing us his tight man-hole that definitely needs a good tongue bath. Instead Michal gives it a good fingering as he strokes his cock. Knowing his audience would like different views, he rolls over on all fours, hikes his butt in the air giving us another view of his man-hole as he continues to play with his ass and cock. Ready to burst, Michal stands up and with a few more strokes of his hand he sprays a load of jizz all over the floor before he heads off to the shower. I believe that we need to have Michal back in the near future once he decides that its time to have sex on camera with another man.

2016-Mar-25 10:35 - Badpuppy: Filip Berky


20 year old Filip Berky wakes up with morning wood?? and needs to take care of it before he gets up to get ready for work. He pulls back the covers revealing a very tight pair of underwear, expanding under the pressure of Filips engorged cock. Filip slides his shorts off and begins stroking his cock, making it thicker and thicker. Pulling his legs back Filip gives us an exacting view of his sweet asshole. His ass is just crying to have a cock shoved in it; but, well leave that for another day. Filip graces us with a few different positions on the bed, showing us every angle of his hard cock and gorgeous ass until; while kneeling, Filip squirts an impressive stream of cum straight up in the air and it falls back against his chest, stomach and cock. Now, we just need to see him shoot his jizz while getting fucked up the ass.

2016-Mar-18 10:31 - Badpuppy: Gino Carlo and Kaleb Diese


25 year old Brit, Kaleb Diesel is introduced to 25 year old Italian Gino Carlo for the first time and they have an immediate attraction to each other. After a brief interview where we learn that their goal is to get everyone?? hot and sweaty, our two studs get down to business; kissing and stripping off each others clothes. Kaleb is the first out of his underwear and Gino goes down on his thick cock immediately. Kaleb reaches out to feel Ginos cock in his underwear and realizing how hard he is, Kaleb rips off Ginos shorts and starts sucking his hot Italian cock. Kaleb lies back on the bed and Gino rams his cock up Kalebs ass pounding him for what seemed like an eternity. Rock hard from the fucking; Kaleb squirts a load of cum all over his hairy chest which in turn puts Gino over the edge. He pulls out and squirts a stream of thick jizz all over Kalebs chest. As promised, Gino and Kaleb were definitely hot and sweaty when they finished.

2016-Mar-11 10:09 - Badpuppy - Milan Manek

He always wanted to take off his clothes and get kinky on camera; but, Milan Manek did not realize how much fun he would have. This scruffy beard, brunette hunk has the most incredible body and when he pulls off his underwear Milan shows us one of the hottest, most rounded asses and his cock is absolute perfection. With just a little bit of stroking Milans dick is standing at attention; longing to have a hot, wet mouth wrapped around it. After some frustrating play time with his cock, Milan lies back on the bed and pulls his ass cheeks apart revealing the sweetest, tight hole that I would love to stick my tongue and cock into. When playtime with his hot ass is over, Milan rolls over onto his back, takes his cock in hand and whips up the creamiest, whitest load of cum all over his tummy and pleasure trail.

2016-Mar-4 10:06 - Badpuppy - Alex Stan and Laco Meido

After a long run Laco Meido takes the time to rub tattooed muscle stud Alex Stans feet and legs. While helping Alex relax a little Laco surprises Alex, climbs on top of him and starts kissing. Laco kisses his way from Alexs face, down his chest, thru his pleasure trail and then he pulls back Alexs underwear revealing an already erect cock which Laco sticks in his mouth quite eagerly. Laco rips off Alexs underwear, pushes his legs back and buries his face in Alexs asshole working his tongue and fingers, loosening up Alexs ass. Laco drops his shorts, grabs the lube and sits down on the sofa. Alex climbs on top of Laco and slowly sits down on Lacos thick meat and he begins riding it up and down, groaning with pleasure. Laco pounds Alexs ass in three different positions before Alex shoots a load of jizz all over his own leg, as Laco continues to fuck his ass. Very turned on, Laco pulls out of Alex and blows a load of thick cum all over Alexs leg and balls. Finished with their little escapade our two erect studs take off for the showers to get cleaned up.
2016-Feb-26 11:19 - Badpuppy: Adrian and Jason


Adrian and Jason have known each other since grade school and have never hooked up. Jason knew that Adrian was going to do an adult film; but, became quite intrigued when he heard that it was gay porn. Jason wanted Adrian in the worst way and he was willing to go in front of the camera to get the man he wanted. They start out passionately kissing as they strip each other out of their clothes. With fully erect cocks, these two studs go down on each other; sucking at each other cocks, enjoying every thick inch. Adrian wants to shove his thick dick deep into Jason; but, first he gets Jason ready with some great tongue action. Jason sinks his cock deep into Adrian; initially standing up and pounding him from the rear and finally; Jason climbs on top and rides Adrian like he has taken that big cock before. Our two studs finish with Adrian squirting a thick load all over his leg and balls while riding Jasons cock; and Jason dumps a nice load of jizz all over his own chest.

2016-Feb-19 11:14 - Badpuppy: James Font and Kenny Jacobs


We find our lean and athletic studs James Font and Kenny Jacobs lip-locked, pawing at each other and eagerly ripping off each other clothes. James, with his roaring hard-on, could not wait to get Kenny out of his pants and his mouth around Kennys thick cock. Kenny jumps up on the back of the sofa and James goes to work sucking cock and playing with Kennys balls. Wanting some of James cock, Kenny slides down on the sofa and leans over to start pleasuring James until they both switch things up for some mutual ass munching. Curled up in a physical ball these two young studs begin tonguing each others ass at the same time and working each others holes with respective fingers. Primed and ready to go, James leans over the sofa and Kenny plunges his thick cock deep inside of James waiting ass. After a few minutes of ass pounding, Kenny lies back on the sofa and James sits down on his cock and starts riding like a rodeo cowboy until he squirts a thick, creamy load of jizz all over his stomach. Kenny pulls out and he sprays a load all over James balls and ass bringing this hot sex session to a steamy close.

2016-Feb-12 11:11 - Badpuppy: Marek Pylar


18 year old Marek Pylar had been working out for a year just to get in shape so that he could do porn when he turned legal age. As he pulls off his clothes you can appreciate the work he has been doing. Marek works his muscles for us as he stares longingly into the camera before he reaches down, yanks off his underwear and surprises us with a huge, uncut piece of meat which I wanted to immediately start sucking; but, realized it was on the video screen and alas out of my reach. Marek pulls his cock harder and harder until its standing at complete attention. Knowing our audience wants to see more, Marek rolls over on his knees giving us an excellent view of his ass and love tunnel, all while still stroking that thick dick of his. Marek stands up at the end of the bed and with a few more short strokes he squirts a long, thick load of jizz all over the floor and his cock. It will make you want to get on the floor and lick up every last drop

2016-Feb-5 11:10 - Badpuppy: Jindra Durak and Martin Porter


Tattooed muscle hunk Jindra Duraks lips are locked with Martin Porter as Jindra rubs every inch of Martins chiseled chest. Jindra pulls Martins shirt over his head and our two shirtless hunks kneel on the bed kissing, as they pull out each others cocks. Martin is the first to drop down on the bed and sucks every inch of Jindras cock deep into his throat. After Jindra gets his turn at sucking Martins dick our two studs wind up sixty-nineing on the bed. Martin pulls his knees back by his ears giving Jindra unobstructed oral access to his ass. Martin wanted his ass good and loose before Jindra plunged his thick cock deep into Martins waiting ass. After four ass-pounding positions Martin blows a thick load of jizz all over himself and Jindra as Jindra fucks Martin from below. Jindra continues to fuck Martins hole until Jindra is ready to burst. He pulls out and squirts a creamy load all over his stomach. Lunch is served!

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